Pop-Ups on “sorte firkant” Blågårdsgade 29

Every Saturday, 5pm-10pm

And the first Sunday of every month, 10am-3pm

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Upcoming Dinners

Occasional Pop-up Style Dinners:

Opening on “Den sorte Firkant” Copenhagen N

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The Blues Woman

The Blues Woman is a restaurant inspired by African American women who not only made it to the proverbial promised land, despite numerous hardships, but used their art, culture, cooking, magic and blues to map out a way for marginalized communities to do the same.

The Blues Woman wants to bridge the gap between a greasy spoon and a fine dining by making eating out not only enjoyable, but an essential part of our patron´s connections to their food, stories, and communities. We are committed to eating organically, seasonally, sustainably, and telling our story the way our ancestors did.

Southern American

Southern Food is a cuisine from the US, which is largely influenced by African slaves. It also yields influences from Spaniards, Native Americans, English, Scottish and French. The cuisine can vary by Southern state, and can fall under the labels of Creole, Cajun, Appalachian, Lowcountry & Tidewater.

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